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Form & Function

Michael Romero and Josh Babyar founded Form & Function, a branding and inbound marketing agency, in 2012. Form & Function helps organizations identify and effectively communicate their story through three core areas of business: brand innovation, product development and strategic marketing. Their clients include Interscope Records, Universal Media Group, Sirius XM’s Busted Halos, Capitol Records, and many others.

Form & Function has developed business and financial analysis, branding and three semi-autonomous media platforms for organizations of various sizes. In 2016 Form & Function launched Gradient, a millennial media brand, with Universal Music Investments. Within three months, Gradient’s website had over 2 million unique monthly visitors and its four podcasts experienced hundreds of thousands of streams.

Romero and Babyar have worked together for more than ten years. Prior to founding Form & Function, the pair worked at RELEVANT Media Group. Romero served as the head of marketing and sales and Babyar as an executive publisher and COO. Currently, Romero plays a key role in helping Form & Function’s clients develop media that resonates with their key demographic and Baybar oversees branding, product development, content production, and marketing strategy.

@joshbabyar & @mromero